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Rossella Vasta

Our Director

A range of experiences

An original formula that mixes prerecorded video tours in the most important sacred places of Umbria, and private Live Facebook sessions with Rossella Vasta.

The Bottegas program is the recreation of the Leonardo Da Vinci apprenticeship environment which includes personal contact with the Master/Professor and the direct participation of the student in the creative process that defines the field of study.

A private coaching is a personal learning path with Rossella Vasta. Through a set of scheduled video-calls you will have the opportunity to widen your horizon in the many fields of visual arts.


Our School

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The Pieve International School plans and hosts University programs and workshops in art, photography, design, literature, sculpture, architecture, history, business, multimedia, Italian language and Italian cooking…

Our School gives students the opportunity to enrich  their understanding, culture and vision beyond the borders of their campus and country.

Steeped in history, the Pieve International School Campus has been the setting for a variety of overseas study programs since 1987. At the Pieve International School, students from other countries and universities meet, study and live for a year, a semester or few weeks experiencing a unique study method, culture and way of life.



Our Pieve alumni are professors, instructors, facility supervisors, and faculty for prestigious didactic programs. Learn more from four professors who partner with our school's programs.

Peter Galante

Professor / Program Director

College of Arts, Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Stout

Janet Lilly

School Director

Contemporary Dance Technique, Choreography, Repertory Lyengar Yoga

UNC Greensboro

Catherine Christie

Associate Dean & Professor

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics BOD
Brooks College of Health

University of North Florida

Jacqulyn Buglisi

Founder and Artistic Director

Buglisi Dance Theatre

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