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Rossella Vasta

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We work together on your empowerment

The online coaching is a perfect tool to work on specific subjects related to visual arts and culture. Speaking direclty to Rossella is a tremendous opportunity to grow your knowledge and go deeper in the understanding of arts and humanities.

Each session is generally 1 hour long but can vary, depending on the subject matter and the engagement. The talks are video-recorded so you can easily review the all coaching on your own time.

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How does it work?

  1. Choose the preferred number of sessions by clicking on the buttons below

  2. Pay with PayPal (or credit card)

  3. Once the payment has been complete, send an email to Rossella Vasta, to define the subject of the coaching

  4. Rossella will get back to you with a calendar proposal and a schedule.

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Choose the package that best suits you.

1 Session

(1 hour)

149 USD

2 Sessions

(2 hours)

279 USD

3 Sessions

(3 hours)

429 USD

Need a personalized coaching plan?
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