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Itineraries of Holiness in Central Italy

Starting June 25, 2021

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A Virtual tour on the life of Saint Francis
and Saint Claire in Umbria
The Franciscan Virtual Tour / Experiential Program is designed to offer a similar experience to the many ones provided by Pieve International School over the years. Amongst the numerous topics approached by Rossella Vasta, the  Franciscan culture in central Italy has probably been the most successful one.

During the visits Vasta has allowed the US students to engage in conversations with friars and experts of Franciscanism, to approach religious topics, to raise questions and to enjoy whatever the journey may bring them.

During this Virtual  Itinerary we will explore the many places in Assisi typically visited with US students, including the churches and convents of: La Chiesa Nuova, San Rufino, San Damiano, Santa Maria degli Angeli, Rivotorto, Le Carceri, Santa Chiara and the Basilica of Saint Francis.

In Perugia
We will follow the traces of Saint Francis in places like: The prison of Saint Francis at La Loggia dei Lanari, the Franciscan church of San Francesco al Prato, and the oratory of S.Bernardino...
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In Gubbio
We will recall the friendship with the Spadalonga family who sheltered Saint Francis in the Church of Saint Francis; and additionally, we will visit the church of the Vittorina where Francis gave his first service to the lepers.
In Passignano

 We will take the ferry-boat on Lake Trasimeno to reach Isola Maggiore and walk through the Franciscan path.

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In Cortona

We'll end our first Virtual tour in Cortona at Le Celle, where Francis wrote his “testament”. We'll also visit the Chiesa di S.Francesco and the Sanctuary of Santa Margherita da Cortona, a particularly interesting Franciscan saint.

Each virtual-participant will have the opportunity to “walk” with Rossella Vasta along the Franciscan path in Umbria. 

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e-Class structure 

This e-Class program is a mix of prerercorded videos and Facebook private Live sessions. The students will "walk" together with Rossella Vasta, through a set of prerecorded video tours. Rossella will also show-up in private Facbook live sessions to discuss and go deeper on the subject, giving the students the ability to interact with her. 

June 25, 2021
Video Tours

More than 5 hours of prerecorded video tours.

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Video Lessons

4 hours of pre-recorded lessons with Rossella Vasta covering art, culture and spirituality


Pieve International School digital certificate of completion.

Early Subscription Fee
Ends March 30, 2021

499 USD

(regular price 899 USD)

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